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Colors and pour choice (5/5)

Step five (and last one): the actual color choice !

For bicolor and tricolor in "marble", the order of the colors isn't important :)

You'll find the current colors and more informations about the pours under your toy !


Thanks for your patience !

Current colors


This toy, like all HumpToy toys, has a suction cup base included!



❣ Composition


Body safe and vegan, the toys are made with 99% body safe silicone (platinum cross-linked) and 1% natural non-controversial mica powder, cosmetic quality, compliant with European regulations and not tested on animals. The toys are of course phthalate free!


✈ Discreet delivery


No mention of "Humptoy" or any other mention indicating that they would be sextoys appears on the package. For shipments outside France it is possible that the contents of the package is requested. The contents of the package will be declared as "silicone product".



Note: The colors marked "GITD" glow in the dark! Just leave your toy in the sunlight or under a UV lamp for 5 to 10 minutes and it will glow in the dark! If you don't want your toy to glow in the dark but still want one color, you can mention "No GITD" in the note of your toy once it is in your basket :)


Attention important note: 

     The toys being made by hand, there is a significant amount of randomness in the coloring of the toy, especially if the number of colors used is high. This is part of what makes your toy really unique!

Examples of Solid color toys


This is the easiest type of coloring to achieve and also the one with the lowest randomness! So your toy has a good chance of looking like the ones opposite :)


You will have the choice between 14 different colors! Depending on the requests, they may change over time, you will find them at the end of your personalization path!

Bicolor (+10€)



Two colors to choose from in marble or fade pour !


Warning: Even if you choose the same colors as a toy already made, it will never have exactly the same final look: it depends on the way of pouring as well as on the silicone firmness !


Tricolor (+15€)




The tricolor pour is the most random pour especially in marble !


But this is what makes the charm of this coloring, giving really unique toys!

Toys available in inventory ready to ship:

NewCondition 105.00
In Stock
rapture-stripped-drip-copper-white-pink-medium-soft-00-30 rapture-stripped-drip-copper-white-pink-medium-soft-00-30 rapture-stripped-drip-copper-white-pink-medium-soft-00-30 rapture-stripped-drip-copper-white-pink-medium-soft-00-30
NewCondition 85.00
In Stock
joy-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-small-medium-a10 joy-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-small-medium-a10 joy-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-small-medium-a10 joy-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-small-medium-a10
NewCondition 105.00
In Stock
wonder-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-medium-medium-a10 wonder-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-medium-medium-a10 wonder-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-medium-medium-a10 wonder-stripped-drip-gold-navy-light-blue-medium-medium-a10
NewCondition 105.00
In Stock
NewCondition 90.00
In Stock
flop-ecstasy-fade-black-lilac-white-medium-hard-a20 flop-ecstasy-fade-black-lilac-white-medium-hard-a20 flop-ecstasy-fade-black-lilac-white-medium-hard-a20 flop-ecstasy-fade-black-lilac-white-medium-hard-a20 flop-ecstasy-fade-black-lilac-white-medium-hard-a20
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