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Firmness choice (3/5)

Third step: choose the firmness of your toy (details under the options). It's important to note that the bigger the toy will but, the harder it will be for a same firmness.


What do 00-30, A10 and A20 correspond to?

These are more "scientific" values ​​for measuring the hardness/rigidity of the silicone.

The Smooth-On© hardness scale is very well done! You will find her here .


Still don't know what to choose? I don't have the infused science concerning your pleasure because each person is different but maybe these tips can help you:​

     - In general, the Soft 00-30 hardness is highly appreciated by people suffering from vaginismus

     - Intermediate A10 and Rigid A20 are less flexible than Soft 00-30, so it is easier to control the back and forth when using the suction cup!

     - For the same hardness, a larger toy will be harder because it is denser in silicone

     - The suction cup works best on the Medium A10 firmness, but it still works nicely with the other firmnesses !

     - Wonder in firmness Soft 00-30 does not stand on its own





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