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Sorry, custom orders are currently closed!

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The toy customization is made in 5 steps:


1. Model choice

2. Size choice

3. Firmness choice

4. Number of color choice

5. And the choice of the colors and the pour type!​​

Customize my toy

Come back later or take a look to see if there's something in inventory for you :)

The current colorsLes couleurs du moment

At each step you'll have informations about the different customization parameters.


If custom orders are closed you can find the custom parameters details below !


PS: The current colors are subject to change! But don't worry, your favorite colors will come back later and you can find yourself new favorites too! :)​​​

Current colors

Models and Sizes



You can view all our models, their base prices and measurements in the "Our toys" section.


Currently 3 firmnesses are available:

- Soft (00-30)

- Medium (A10)

- Hard (A20)

What do 00-30, A10 and A20 correspond to?

These are more "scientific" values ​​for measuring the firmness/rigidity of silicone.

The Smooth-OnΒ© hardness scale is well done to understand this ! You will find it here .​

Still don't know what to choose? I don't have the infused science concerning your pleasure because each person is different but maybe these tips can help you:​

     - In general, the Soft 00-30 firmness is highly appreciated by people suffering from vaginismus

    - Medium A10 and Hard A20 are less flexible than Soft 00-30, so it is easier to control the back and forth when using the suction cup!

    - For the same firmness, a larger toy will be harder because they are denser in silicone

    - The suction cup works best on the Medium A10 firmness, but it still works nicely with the other  firmnesses !

​    - Wonder in firmness Soft 00-30 does not stand on its own


Attention important note: β€‹

     The toys being made by hand, there is a significant amount of randomness in the coloring of the toy, especially if the number of colors used is high. This is part of what makes your toy really unique!

+15€               Tricolor

+10€                 Bicolor


Examples of Solid color toys





Two colors to choose from in marble or fade pour !


Warning: Even if you choose the same colors as a toy already made, it will never have exactly the same final look: it depends on the way of pouring as well as on the silicone firmness !

This is the easiest type of coloring to achieve and also the one with the lowest randomness! So your toy has a good chance of looking like the ones opposite :)

The tricolor pour is the most random pour especially in marble !


But this is what makes the charm of this coloring, giving really unique toys!

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