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This toy, like all HumpToy toys, has a suction cup base included!


It is also a pre-made toy: this means that you will receive the one shown in the pictures and this in a fairly short delivery time.


The toys marked "GITD" (Glow in the Dark) glow in the dark! Just let them charge in the sunlight or under UV lamp for 5 to 10 minutes and they will glow in the dark!


The can on the pictures is there to have a better idea of the size of the toy, it is not sold with the toy.


❣ Composition


Body safe and vegan, the toys are made with 99% body safe silicone (platinum cross-linked) and 1% natural non-controversial mica powder, cosmetic quality, compliant with European regulations and not tested on animals. The toys are of course phthalate free!


✈ Discreet delivery


No mention of "Humptoy" or any other mention indicating that they would be sextoys appears on the package. For shipments outside France it is possible that the contents of the package is requested. The contents of the package will be declared as "silicone product".


❀ I do not find my happiness


A parameter does not please you? Go to the customization page to really create a unique toy that will meet your desires!


Please note: Each toy is handcrafted with care, but products may have minor imperfections. Toys with major imperfections are sold at a reduced price as "FLOP" but they are as body-safe as the other toys!

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